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progressive learning provides an innovative and highly effective program for rapidly improving proficiency in English, the language for global markets.


Significantly improved the reading and writing skills of English language learners in the United States, Asia and Europe

Team Work  
Participants learn how to work collaboratively at a distance

Credentialed and highly experienced native English speaking instructors

Hybrid of personalized one-on-one instruction, diagnostic assessments and prescriptive tools

Entirely managed and customized for your organization


- Acclaimed since 1998
- Improved the English language skills of over 15,000 learners
- Funded through the U.S. Department of Education
- Developed in collaboration with the University of Southern California

- Recipient of a Smithsonian Award nomination
- Honored by the College Board Forum
- Subject of two documentaries regarding innovative approaches to learning

" I highly recommend the Progressive Learning program. The training proved to be extremely valuable by helping participating members of our staff based in Italy become more proficient in their English language skills. Our staff found their experience to be positive and engaging. Progressive Learning entirely managed and designed our program, individualized it for each participant, and also tailored the overall program to meet our specific business development needs."
Robert M. Buergenthal Director, Programs Management International Development Law Organization
Rome, Italy

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